Terms & conditions

Personal identification documents The driver/lessee must hold a valid driving license, as well as a valid passport. This needs to be presented when collecting the car before any agreements can take place.
Age restrictions Driver’s/lessee’s minimum age is - 18 years.
Insurance All vehicles have a valid compulsory third party liability insurance policy.
Payments and Security Deposit Payments for services shall be made in cash at the time of receiving them or with a money transfer in the case of an advanced booking.
Administrative violations including loss of documents or keys. The customer is fully responsible for all administrative traffic offenses committed with the vehicle during the rental period. In case of loss of car keys or documents customer has to pay a fine of 70 EUR.
Pick-up and Return Vehicles must be picked-up and returned at the address - Andrejostas iela 18, Riga, Latvia. Open Every day from 9:00 to 19:00. In case of returning the car in a state deemed too dirty both body or interior, the customer pays 20 EUR cleaning fee.
Territorial restrictions Vehicle rental territory is Latvian administrative boundaries. Permitted daily mileage - 250 KM. For every extra 100 KM additional fee of 14 EUR must be paid.
Fuel policy Vehicle is passed on to the customer with a full tank of fuel.Customer must return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. In case when vehicle`s fuel tank is not completely filled, Lessee pays vendor for the missing quantity of fuel and an additional 14 EUR filling fee.
Vehicles There are 4 seats in a vehicle. During most of our events we accept participation of 3 people in one car unless stated differently. If you are renting our car for your own use - 4 people per car allowed
Fuel tank Fuel tank is 19l large and it is possible to drive approximately 250 to 350 km (depends on how you drive)
Car delivery Car delivery or pick-up from any location in Riga is 20 eur/car/direction. Car return outside our working hours costs 25 eur (regardless amount of cars)